23 de marzo de 2020

It was the same as the last two years. Politics has a lot of spectacle, theatre, simulation for some spectators who, for the most part, do not bother to go further and look for the truth behind the scenes. However, this year there was a difference: the enemy was real. There was something to fight against at the moment. However, in the events of March 8th there was no cry for the virus. There was afterwards, though, of course. There were shouts behind closed doors in a turbulent Council of Ministers, in which several members of the Government threatened to resign if the plan of a few to increase their power taking advantage of the suffering of its compatriots was passed.

It all started with the news that from China. A “simple” virus had put a political superpower on the nerves, to the point that they even isolated cities with millions of inhabitants to prevent its spread. We were surprised by the photos of solitary corpses to which no one came to take the pulse in the middle of the street, entire hospitals that were built in just over a week, and videos that showed how citizens were forced to put on a mask using drones. An absolute invasion of the freedom that we are accustomed to having in Europe that is scary, and for good reasons. However, we soon realised that, this time, such interference could be justified.

After this surprise, some gave a voice of alert. Vox even asked to close the borders to countries with a large number of infected, such as China. But the far-right is not allowed to be right and, therefore, they were branded as alarmists. Then came the figures from Italy. “It has got out of hand”, we said when they went for 400 infected. Today, they are more than 45,000. And what is worse, more than 4,000 dead, surpassing China, the epicentre of the already famous COVID-19. Apparently, the worrying figures of our European ally were not enough to worry the Spanish Government. Thus, with all normality, the protests of March 8th were held. Thousands and thousands of women, several of them infected, like some ministers and the wife of the president, at the head of the Madrid gathering, spreading the virus without any precaution. The following day, the duplication of cases in Madrid was announced. And I said “it became known” because the government knew hours before the demonstration of the day before that there had been a rebound in the number of infected in the capital and, even so, it preferred to stand idly by and participate in massive marches of which it is the main beneficiaries.

The Government preferred to sit idly by and participate in massive marches from which it is the most benefited.

To this situation we must add the disastrous management of crisis by the Executive, which, with its requisitions, has prevented the circulation of thousands of necessary masks for our workers, including health workers, those most exposed to the virus and totally essential to control the pandemic. Just yesterday, after a month, the government authorised the import of Chinese masks. Yesterday, when it was already too late for many people.

Still today, there are those who say that it could not be known that Spain would reach such alarming numbers of infected. Still today, there are those who believe that there is innocence behind the decision to take drastic measures on March 9th instead of March 8th. But how many of those who not so long ago called the deputies of the third political force in this nation extreme now fear for the uncertain future of their country, not only on a human but also on an economic level.
How many lives would have been saved had the necessary measures been applied at the right time? How can one describe a government that, knowing the terrible risk to which it was exposing their compatriots, encouraged them with a massive campaign on social networks to go to the protests on March 8th? Is it worthy to represent the Spaniards? Without a doubt, after the health emergency that we are facing, the corresponding responsibilities will have to be demanded for all those who ignored the risk and pushed society to suicide. And the priceless work of all those who risk their lives for others will have to be recognised. Your service to this nation will never be fully rewarded. For now, unity and determination.

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