Hoping for an Unwoke Backlash
28 de octubre de 2020

Douglas Murray is no word mincer. Though visibly jetlagged and overworked from an ongoing book tour, he still managed to give me an interview a fortnight ago from his Manhattan hotel room about the new paperback edition of The Madness of Crowds (2019). He even mustered the spine to sound off about the enraging media clip from the day before he’d just woken up to.

On Jo Coburn’s Politics Live BBC broadcast, conservative MP Steve Baker had bent over backward to reconcile the indignation felt by those accused of having “white privilege” while coming from a working-class background with the logic and ideology of those leveling the charge. Evidently, the only way through was to peddle the most lunatic understanding of what “white privilege” means. 

Para seguir leyendo el artículo pinche aquí.

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