The left united in Latin America. What is the right waiting for?
9 de marzo de 2020

The São Paulo Forum, the largest left-wing party cartel in Latin America, has been the protagonist of the violent revolts that shook the region in 2019, and which started a series of actions that the Venezuelan tyrant, Nicolás Maduro, called ‘Bolivarian breeze’. Knowing this, in addition to the fact that people who are members of this conglomerate of parties have settled in Argentina, the following questions arise: what actions will they take this year to implement their socialist system? Will there be any way to deal with them? Who could create a counterweight to the São Paulo Forum? To answer the first question, it is necessary to review the damage they have caused.

In Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, they have maintained three tyrannical regimes that, through repression, terror and starvation of their citizens, they have silenced all attempts of rebellion. Since, in addition, the opposition does not counter their plans, they have managed to come out stronger than ever. In Colombia, the FARC and the ELN, together with the left-wing parties in that country, have weakened the Iván Duque government, which has failed to handle the serious threat posed by these violent outbreaks. Groups sponsored by this malevolent Forum have led Ecuador to such a conflictive situation that even the center-left president Lenin Moreno has had to leave the capital for security and renounce the economic measures necessary for the country to grow. Chile was also affected by this Forum during the violent days sparked by socialists and communists that, together with feminist groups, causing a damage that gravely hit the country’s infrastructures and made President Piñera bow and comply with their demands.

But not everything is violence. They have also come to power through democratic methods, such as the elections in Argentina and Mexico.

But not everything is violence. They have also come to power through democratic methods, such as the elections in Argentina and Mexico. In Spain, one of the members of the coalition Government is a member of the São Paulo Forum. In these last three countries, the effects of disastrous measures are already beginning to be felt for their battered economies, as well as the attempt to indoctrinate the population with their “progressive” ideology. These examples show the apparent success of the São Paulo Forum strategies.

Responding to the second question, if there will be any way to deal with this destructive scourge, we saw that there is one in Brazil, where President Bolsonaro did not underestimate this threat, and warned, cautiously, that if the actions From the São Paulo Forum approached his country, the security forces would be prepared for it, and so it was: the left has not been able to face him.

In Bolivia, the drug dealer Evo Morales tried to remain in power, but his people, brave and fed up with more than a decade of socialism, rose up under the leadership of two civilians: Luis Fernando Camacho and Marco Pumari, so that the citizenry’s mobilisation mobilized has expelled the socialists and has brought to the country a transitory government chaired by Jeanine Añez, who has had no contempt with the criminal left and has confronted the governments of Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

In Paraguay, the Executive took measures to educate and raise awareness among the population through media campaigns and billboards that warned of the danger posed by this criminal forum and Maduro’s socialism. In Uruguay, meanwhile, when the polls gave the leftists a broad advantage, liberals, conservatives, and the nationalist joined to sum votes and overthrow 15 years of socialist rule. These examples show us that leftists can be dealt with.

Now, to answer the third question, one must first become aware of the fact that, if the left, being an internationalist remains united to achieve its objectives, the right should also be united as a defender of freedom in Latin America and in the world. All other positions are necessary to oppose the global progressive consensus, just as they did in Uruguay. All freedom-loving citizens, the media, organisations, parties and movements should participate in this alliance, in order to achieve a structure that defeats the São Paulo Forum and its partners in the socialist international. A confederate alliance from which to promote proposals to combat socialism. For example, annual summits where strategies that benefit citizens are exchanged; the development of educational and cultural programs that manage to train citizens and make new leaders emerge; or use, as in Paraguay, social networks and the media to expose the ideas of freedom and for people to see that socialism is not good for anyone, so that when they want to implement their ideas, they find it more difficult than citizens accept them. Together and with firmness, this battle can be won, whose objectives will be to unmask socialism, curb progressive authoritarianism, and create a free society, in which citizens are the winners, members of nations free from the Marxist yoke. It is time to build this great project.

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