The left, defender of what morality?
18 de septiembre de 2019

The modern left is a disease that tries to spread in all areas of life, not only in politics. Try to turn each of them into an ideological battle in which to show moral superiority. We have seen it in environmentalism and feminism, and now, we attend how they intend, through everyday ideas, to modify our behaviours: how we shower, what we eat, how many children we have, how we raise them …

And all this with the added pressure of «if you do not do what I and my experts tell you, you are a fascist, racist, xenophobic and chauvinistic». It gives wings to battles we thought were won, such as the free market. But you know what? The economic growth that the world has experienced in the last 200 years is not due to any of those old ideas, recycled by ideologues that represent everything they say they hate. It is due, solely, to the free market, to that capitalism that, without a doubt, has made us more human, understanding as such the defence of the individual and that nothing is above it.

But let’s go back to those ideologues, those parents on the left and all which the «politically correct people» say they defend. Are they role models? After all, we have seen in recent years how the new moralists have been, little by little, eliminating the historical figures that have served as ethical references to society, until it is left lame, and with a single underlying intention: replace that emptiness with his anti-freedom ideas. That is why we have been listening for some time that everyone who has contributed to something in the Western world is racist, chauvinistic and xenophobic. In the end, they are the ones that can judge people from 1,000 years ago under current standards.

Now, who are the real racists? And the real xenophobes? The macho? And who are the most anti-Semitic? Maybe someone is surprised, but the left takes the highest score in all questions. His founding fathers, there in all corners of the world, are nothing more than resentful people, with much hatred inside and towards others, which is what has moved to the left. About that, Karl Marx knew a lot.

Why is Marx worshiped by the defenders of this new ethical paradigm?

First, we have to talk about his crusade against the Jews. That aversion he felt for his own can even be said to have inspired Hitler himself, since, in the end, he copied his style. Let us not forget that Marx, in his book The Jewish Question, already attacked them frontally, making them the scapegoat for any conflict. But he did not stay in that anti-Semitism; her racial hatred also extended to blacks, and her perception of the role of women I think feminists would not like today.

And yet, have you seen anyone criticize Marx for his ideas lately? Moreover, we have witnessed the opposite; While groups of leftist moralists withdraw statues or street names that honor people who have undoubtedly contributed to creating a better society, European leaders inaugurate statues of the creator of the most murderous ideology in human history. Why this double standard? Why are Karl Marx or others worshiped as gods by the defenders of that new ethical paradigm? Because he is a socialist like them, and all the barbarities can be forgiven if they help expand the vision of that totalitarian ideology that aims to end the individual. Let’s not let someone who venerates a racist like Karl Marx or a homophobe like Che Guevara give us moral lessons. The next time a socialist indoctrinates you, make it clear how hypocritical it is with his double standards, applied only to those who do not think like him.

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