Index of Economic Freedom in Spain 2015
19 de mayo de 2015

The publication of the Index of Economic Freedom in Spain 2015 consolidates a project initiated in 2008, whose objective is to analyse the different degrees of economic freedom in the Spanish regions and support the thesis that economic freedom improves growth and well-being. Being the fourth edition of the work, economists, politicians and other interested stakeholders now have data that enables the evolution and performance of each of the Autonomous Communities to be followed.

The Index is calculated based on twelve indicators, which reflect the behavior of the public sector in its double role as supplier and funder of goods and services, on the one hand, and as regulator of private sector activity, on the other. The indicators are the following: Commerce, Education, Environment, Mobility, Health, Housing, Public Expenditure, Fiscal Effort, Public Debt, Public Employment, Taxes and Transfers.

In the 2015 report, although most of the Spanish regions are in positions similar to those they occupied in the 2013 edition, some show important changes. Baleares moves up four positions, going from 6th to 2nd; and Aragón does so by five, going from 12th to 7th. Among those that get worse, there is the case of Murcia, which loses six positions, from 4th to 10th.

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