The wicked blackmail of Sanchez with the autonomic funding
25 de septiembre de 2019

Focusing on the next elections, Pedro Sánchez has brought all the hard materials to grow his parliamentary strength of the 10th november. This materials starts with the dictator Francisco Franco exhumation and continuous with the pensions and its revaluation, in advance  illegal; to finish, which was to be expected, with a biased ISM increase, to win a bigger electorate, apart from the captive vote that he has already have. 

A couple of strategies, as crazies as fruitless, comes before the artillery. With this strategies Sánchez hoped to have the government presidency, but this game of strategies didn´t work. We´re talking about contemptible and machiavellians manoeuvers designed for create a government as fast as possible, with the forced abstention of the center-right opposition. This methods causes a big animosity to the intentions of the candidate. 

Starting with the basis of the autonomic financial model, which is wicked to the autonomies, the president, then in-office, tried to use to reach that much-wanted investiture. This method, which was an absolutely politic calumny, was perfectly conceived to force the no celebration of the new elections, and with that,the possibility of leave seats on the road.

By means of the autonomy financiations, when the budgets has not been created and we don’t have the closing of the fiscal year  to corroborate the income earned from excise taxes, just as the IRPF and IVA, the central government, doing an estimation of the autonomies communities collection, gives to them a part of the capital, which is called “deliveries on account.” This comes  by the fault of rivalry of the regions to realice, in direct form, the collection in the own territory. 

By enjoying that partial assignment, and faced to have a bigger efficiency collection rights, they articulated this system, the one of the deliveries on account, more immediately and which prevents the delay occasioned by the calculation that has to elaborate the government.  This model has worked by now, but could be implemented in such a way that will train the Executive to suffocate the autonomies themselves if it depends on the government formation. 

This deliveries has always been done, despite the critics of a model in which does not take into account what generates in tax revenue each community, but it is done according to the parameters predefined by the central administration. In this way, this deliveries when the fiscal exercise finishes, facing the assignment, ended up being settled for differences. If the deliveries exceed income from the region, this insures a deficit that, afterwards, the administration has to pay. If, on the contrary, the tax revenue is higher, causing a superavit, the central administration has to pay the difference. 

A strategy in which,  by means of the budgetary blockade and the incapacity of payment of the autonomies, obtain more pressure towards opposition leaders

Sánchez, trying to use the system for electoral purposes, in which the administration interest comes first, blocked these deliveries on account, justifying its policy in a statement of the State Advocacy which confirmed that these compromise the finances of a future government, not having that capital for the elaboration of the budgets. This capital that, let’s remember, pertenece a las autonomías y sus ciudadanos, and without which the ability to pay to maintain current spending on public services is in danger.

This speech, during the negotiation process, has embodied Sanchez’s justifications to ask the opposition that “the governance begins walking.” A strategy in which it was suggested,  by means of the budgetary blockade and the incapacity of payment of the autonomies, obtain more pressure from these towards opposition leaders, requiring their abstention to possibility the arrival of the money, more than necessary to continue supporting the welfare state.

A strategy that, unfortunately for Sanchez did not work and ended up unmasking the machiavellian intentions of an president in office that, under the alibi of the general interest, believed in be able to put his individual interest first, that of presiding the county over the next four years. Nevertheless, the strategy decided was involved with contradictions that he didn’t conceive; we talk about that, while he used the excuse involve the financial future of the new government , he was still applying his “social friday” policies, that which make in risk the viability of the next executive. 

this strategy was dismantled with each declaration of the Socialist political Party on account deliveries. In fact, finally, must make them – as legally applicable – for maintain the paiement capacity that was looking reduced. A full-blown blackmail, as Juan Ramón Rallo commented in an explanatory video, in which mentioned the irregularities in the management of partially assigned taxes.

To sum up, one more sample about the objective of an individual who pursues political leadership at any cost, using strategies like this, that show the vulnerabilities of an interventionist system that can leverages to achieve their own partisan interests. 

Faced that happened, we mustn’t be surprised when we will see Pedro Sánchez trying to overcome legal limits to revalorice the pensions before the 10th of november , or raise salaries to the public workers. We are facing someone who runs after the chair at all costs, and the means to achieve it, in his mind, are more than justified. 

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