Navarra in Liberty: What sort of Government for Spain suits Navarra?

Within the series of conferences Navarra in Liberty, the former politician Rosa Díez and the journalist Santiago González spoke, before the imminence of the general elections in Spain, about which would be the Executive that, predictably, would benefit the Foral Community the most.

González took the floor first to warn that the four partners that make up the Government of Navarra are united in a left-wing economic program, which implies greater spending and more taxes, which, in his opinion, «has effects». He gave as an example the case of Catalonia, of which six of the seven companies listed on the IBEX 35 have gone to other autonomous communities.

However, he clarified that the question is not where Navarra is going, but where the whole country is being taken. Thus, he stressed that rule of law and democracy have to define the behaviour of the next Government. However, he predicted that Pedro Sánchez will continue in La Moncloa «with all the enemies of Spain». In that sense, the journalist from El Mundo described the leader of the Socialist Party, to whom the polls brand as winner, as someone «lacking ambition and scruples».

The same diagnosis of the problem was provided by Díez, who pointed out the “danger” that the nationalists, the pro-independence, the secessionists entail… and, above all, the one assumed by Sánchez: “He is a president who bows to them in what is sacred in political terms: the unity of the Spanish nation”.

Therefore, and because, according to the former deputy, «we live in the worst situation since the beginning of democracy», concluded that the Government that suits both Spain and Navarra is «one without Sanchez, because the self-styled left has turned these elections in a plebiscite about the constitutional order, which puts it at risk… What is this debate about those who are constitutionalists and those who are not? We are in a pre-political debate. If we do not respect the institutions, there is no possible debate”.

Díez stressed that this renunciation of the constitutional consensus constitutes a return to the past, so it is necessary to choose between this scenario or overcoming it, and to oppose “freedom and equality to rupture”. Unlike González, she said that she did not believe that Sánchez would win enough seats for a parliamentary majority. “I trust that the Spaniards vote in self-defense. Most Spaniards are more decent than this president; who they don’t deserve”, she said.