Money and Banking and how they affect the overall economy

 Online 21/05/2021 10:00h


A specialised online programme by the Institute of International Monetary Research for those already working in the economic and financial world. This CPD accredited programme run over four lectures, revealing how money is created in modern economies, the effects of bank regulation on the overall economy and the impact of changes in the amount of money on asset and CPI prices and the business cycle.

The course focuses on the study of how central banks make policy decisions, and how they affect banks and the economy as a whole. It offers a solid monetary framework to analyse the effects of the policy decisions made since March 2020 to address the Covid-19 crisis, and assess their effects on prices and output over the medium term.

It is structured as follows:

Lecture 1
A restatement of the Quantity Theory of Money; why money matters.

Lecture 2
The industrial circulation and the financial circulation; how leakages between these two flows are responsible for significant macroeconomic and financial market developments.

Lecture 3
The real balances effect; how changes in the amount of money affect prices and national income.

Lecture 4
Central bank policies during and after the Global Financial Crisis; an assessment and policy challenges ahead. A structured economic model in the monetarist tradition is adhered to throughout and as such this course provides a solid basis for both strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions as well as macroeconomic forecasting.

How to apply

The course will be run over the year so you can choose your own entry point to start (May, July, September, November, January, April); however, you will be expected to complete it in no more than six weeks.

To register on the course please fill in this application form and you will get a reduced price (the price is £100 for Civismo applicants, whereas the standard fee is £199) as Civismo is a partner of the Institute of International Monetary Research.

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