Instituto de Emprendimiento Avanzado (Calle Turia 7, 28002, Madrid).  24/08/2020 09:00h - 30/08/2020 20:00h

The Programme

This programme of Fundación Civismo train students in intermediate courses of a University degree so that they acquire judgement to choose their profession, discover their identity, and practise the freedom, in such a way they become the authors of his own future. The challenges of this programme are configure the own personality, know the tendencies that will mark the future, accept that security is not all, and that the participants become their best version. To reach it, the programme has prestigious professionals in their respective fields, who will impart it with active methods, to guide the students about the opportunities that labor market offers to their distinctive qualities.



Module I. Philosophy of Freedom. January 17-18, 2020

Module II. The generation of an entrepreneurial attitude. February 21-22, 2020

Module III. Personal and professional fulfillment. March 27-28, 2020


Module IV. Freedom in global technological and political environments

Module V. The vital project: identity and autonomy

June 15-20, 2020


Civismo Foundation covers 75% of the educational costs of the program. Participants must pay 500 euros, except those with an official scholarship, who will pay 150 euros.

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