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Álvaro Martín



Student of Economics at Cambridge University from 2020. Author of the book In Defense of Freedom, prologue by Daniel Lacalle, (2017). He is also co-author, with Venezuelan dissidents and exiles, of the book Salvemos Venezuela (Let's Save Venezuela), and author of La Revolución del Mercado (The Market Revolution), with a prologue by Lorenzo Bernaldo de Quirós.

He writes about economics and politics on his personal blog, www.elrincondelparquet.com . He also collaborates with various institutions and think tanks such as Students For Liberty, the Friday Club or Value School (Cobas AM), through articles on economic issues. He also collaborates with radio and TV programmes, where he spreads the ideas of liberalism. He has also given a TED talk on the benefits of globalization and its positive effects on emerging countries.

He has collaborated with some financial companies in the development of blockchain projects applied to investment.