Taxation in the digital economy: OECD, EU and unilateral initiatives

 Santander 04/09/2019 11:30h

Javier Santacruz, head of research of Civismo, presented the report “Economic impact of the digital tax in Spain” in a conference organized by Ametic on taxation in the digital economy.

Within the framework of a panel discussion with other experts, Santacruz said that “the market and digital development in Spain are very small compared to our European partners”, which is why “all those barriers that are put from the beginning, like the Digital Services Tax, what they do is hinder the growth of a market that is absolutely essential for the Spanish economy”.

Civismo’s researcher said that “every day we are worrying about the change of the productive model, if Spain has learned the lessons of the previous crisis…” and, in response to this, made the following recommendation: “Let us grow and then we will consider what we do with taxation”.